Employee benefit plans must follow uniquely complex regulations imposed by multiple governmental agencies. Because of the high level of scrutiny, this industry requires the dedication and expertise of accounting professionals who can help plan management stay abreast of regulatory matters that impact their operations. We strive to help our local and regional clients understand operational and reporting requirements, address risk, and comply with laws.

Benefit plans are a specialized area of practice and we receive the highest quality of continuing professional education available to comply with auditing standards. Through our membership in the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we maintain internal quality control standards and we regularly attend live seminars for continuing education specific to employee benefit plans.

We serve the following types of employee benefit plans:

  • 401(k) plans
  • 403(b) plans
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)
  • Health and Welfare plans including multi-employer
  • Defined benefit pension plans

Our services include:

  • Selection of retirement plan type
  • Audit of financial statements
  • Audit of claims payments (data mining for in-depth look)
  • Audit of payroll records
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Preparation of tax forms 5500 and 990
  • Preparation of Summary Annual Report
  • Consulting regarding compliance, internal controls, and accounting procedures